Common Diseases in Cats

Just like humans and other animals, cats are also prone to diseases — some of which can be life-threatening. As the cat’s parent, it is important to understand the symptoms for some of the common illnesses in cats. Knowing the symptoms makes it easier to recognize them and seek veterinary help promptly. Below are some of the common cat diseases and their symptoms.


Diabetes in cats results from either the lack of insulin in the body or improper response to the hormone. Insulin in a cat’s body carries the glucose component in the body cells. Low and high levels of insulin in the body affects the body sugar levels and can lead to hyperglycaemia or other complicated health conditions if left untreated.


Cat health

Cancer in cats occurs in the same way as in humans. The cat's health effect of this illness is uncontrolled cell growth that may spread to various parts of the body. It is challenging to start control measures early enough because the disease is not easily detectable and comes in different types.
Cancer can spread throughout the body or grow as a tumour in a confined area.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

This disease acts by weakening the cat’s immune system, hence exposing the cat to the risk of secondary infections. The main challenge in this is that the slow-acting FIV virus shows no symptoms for years after the infection. Most parents know about the condition when The cat's health is in chronic stage. The disease has no cure, but supportive medical care and a stress- free environment can prolong the cat’s life. 


Like malaria in humans, this disease is spread by mosquitos. The heart worm causes lung disease in cats and deteriorates The cat's health within a short time. Cat owners living in a mosquitos infested area should apply control methods and seek preventive advice from a veterinarian.